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Looking for an exciting way to become involved in youth baseball? Don't have the time needed to commit to coaching a team? Umpiring may be the perfect way to volunteer your time and help your Local League!

There are 100's of games each season that require umpires so there are plenty of opportunities to call a game. The typical time commitment to officiate a game is about 2 1/2 hours, and the best part is, No Experience Is Required! We offer free training to all those interested in Umpiring. We supply the training and you supply your time for a great cause, our kids. Expand your knowledge of the game (far beyond that of a player), ultimately earn respect from Children's Parents, Coaches, Managers, and the Players themselves. I guarantee that you'll rekindle your love for the game and you'll get the best seat in the house!

Why Volunteer? "Because the integrity of the game rests in the hands of the Umpire!"